CWC Waitlist

Living with a chronic illness, but hiring a Health Coach is too expensive?

We want to make the process easy and affordable for you.

In Fall 2021 we will be opening up a limited number of memberships for those who want access to:
  • our inspiring member community platform on Mighty Networks (with live workshops, chat rooms, and exclusive educational content)
  • weekly group sessions with qualified coaches (with experience in brain retraining, nutrition therapy, functional medicine, aromatherapy, mindset work, and more)
  • our Self-Advocacy for Chronic Wellness course (a 6-week program written and designed by Board Certified Nurse Coaches who are trained to help you bridge the gaps between conventional and holistic medicine)
PLUS we will be offering free and reduced cost private sessions with Chronic Wellness Coaches-in-training. This is SO exciting and something we've been working on for the two years since the CWC first opened its doors in April 2019.

If you'd like to be first in line for these limited membership slots (and the opportunity for private coaching sessions), please add your name and email to the waitlist here.

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